About Us

There are awards, and then there is 'Web Guru Awards'.

Every day we hear about new technologies, new website designs, CSS design algorithms, latest trends to follow to improve your websites. But have you ever thought that after all the hard works you have done in creating a website, why not to get an appraisal for it?

Alas! You are on the right direction.

Web Guru Awards will accord every website, a cool website, inspirational site, design website or a portfolio website, to disseminate globally, so that people from everywhere get to know about your website, your creation.

Web Guru Awards will not only administer your website but, will also cognominate the bestest website with "Guru of the Day" award and at the end of every month, the finest website among all the "Guru of the Day" websites will be entitled with "Guru of the Month" award.

At the end of year, "Guru of the Year" will be chosen from all the "Guru of the Month" awarded websites.

The award for Web Gurus on Design, Development, Creativity and Innovation. You will get chance to show your talent to world and the best website will be chosen as a Web Guru of the Day.

The vision of Web Guru Awards is to be the hallmark of excellence, who will assist to bestow your creation to earn an acknowledgment.

The mission is to explore and identify the talent, dedication, assiduity of web developers and designers who create remarkable websites and to uplift these eminent websites globally.

Web Guru Awards focuses on that no great websites get overlooked. Submit your website and be the Gurus of all the other websites.


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