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We're delighted to have our work acknowledged by Web Guru Awards.
We invest a lot of ourselves in the projects we take on and care very much about finding the strongest way to showcase our clients' value and personality.
Thank you from team Artizan!

By : Zanya Dahl, CEO, Artizan

"We are delighted and great full for being awarded "Guru Of The Day" and "Guru Of The Month" to our website for May, 2018.
We are always looking to showcase our website to a large audience and what better platform than Web Guru Awards.
We would again like to thank the team at Web Guru for considering us as winners.
All the best and keep up the great job.

By : Varya Vega Info Services Pvt Ltd

"Extremely honored to be featured as a Web Guru of the day.
We work so hard to create original, compelling design and it's awesome to have an organization honoring that hard work.
It's another great trust factor to have on our site that we've been featured on, and makes us more
credible and trusted for possible clients.
Thank you!"

By : Tim Brown

My name is Manuel Rammler.
I am the CEO, Full Stack Developer and Founder of the advertising agency "web-net".
My company is based in Austria - Europe.

We are very happy and really proud that we won some prices in the competitions of the Web Guru Awards.
A win in this competitions is always a pleasure! Because the competitives are always really creative and they are also doing great jobs!!
Thanks to Web Guru Awards for letting me share some of my works on this dynamic, creative and inspiring platform.
You're doing your job great!

By : Manuel Rammler

This being my first website I didn't had the chance to get much feedback for my work.
The Guru of The Day award gave me the opportunity to receive some precious feedback from professionals and showed me I'm on the right path.
I wish to thank you guys for giving webdesigners that chance and to promote their work too.

By : CnorCreative

You guys have been amazing and huge support for us. You are our first port of call when it comes to submitting any new sites.
Good luck and keep up the good work that you already do.

By : Monograph (August)

It was great to post our work on Web Guru Awards. It was not only about winning.
We have a healthy competition between each other and can provide better products day by day.
Everyone want to win and providing better projects day by day.
Our effort is being awarded. It was great.
Definitely it was special to win this award with Web Guru Awards.

By : Vaunts Design Studio

I`m very happy that you've rewarded my website with Guru of the Day title - my website was awarded "Guru of The Day" on 27th January 2017.
The selection process really worked well, and I finally got the result after waiting for this long, your email notifications were additionally thrilling.
This all is very exciting!! It was a nice, fun-filled and equally the serious matter because the Web Guru Awards has ennobled me with this exemplary award.
This award is extraordinarily prestigious and has helped me in my career development. It has helped me in Poland and now I gain new customers.
Thanks to this award!
In addition, I feel doubly honored and grateful because I as a freelance artist has participated in nominations on a par with large interactive agencies.
Thank you for this!

I will always keep the memories of this competition in my heart. You're doing a good job by helping people around the world in promoting their business.
Participating in this competition will opportune a person with the field to many thoughts, I learned a lot by viewing other nominated websites.
This competition was a great, memorable and professional journey to linger.
Thank you and I wish you every success in continuing this great job!

By : The Art Of Anna Maria Karolak

I am Antonio Junior Melchionna, autodidact student freelance of web design and SEO based in Italy.
I'm really very happy to have published my website on the Web Guru Awards and been rewarded.
Thanks to Web Guru Awards for letting me share my work.

By : Antonio Junior Melchionna

Yeah! What a great honour to be the "GURU of the DAY" and have my website and my artwork in that really nice universal website gallery,
among other really good websites.
And moreover gaining the very important SEO friendly links for my website and relative web visitors.
It is a pleasant challenge that urges me to improve my work and also helps me get fresh and high-level web ideas!
I feel thankful to the Web Guru Awards team and I also have to highlight that it is not only a program-automated email sender but they actually exist,
answer and motivate you with kindness and real interest for you, like a partner or a friend.

By : Alex Tade

My group and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for accepting and selecting our Website work.
I am sure that Web Guru Awards is going to be a very huge platform
for all designers and developers across the world.


We're a creative agency, designing and developing lot of websites, but only few people gets to know about them.
Web Guru Awards is the platform to reach the crowd universally and to flaunt our work and also to get inspirations from other websites for our next projects.
We're really grateful for being nominated by Web Guru Awards.

By : Design Kolor

Being a Web Designer and Developer, I always wanted my work to be recognized in a well-manner on a platform by showcasing them infront of the entire world and WEB GURU AWARDS has given me the opportunity to get it done.
Thank You so much!

By : Depain Khatrrii


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