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1. What is Web Guru Awards?

Web Guru Awards knows how to appraise quality websites and to appreciate the hard work and creativity done by the web developer and the web designers. Web Guru Awards honour the best websites with the title of "Guru of the Day", "Guru of the Month" and "Guru of the year".

2. How can I submit my website to be on list of Web Guru Awards?

If you want to submit your website but not understanding how, you just need to go on the top-right side of the homepage and you just need to click the "Submit your website" button and it will redirect you to the submission page. On the submission page, you just need to fill up the form and you must provide the URL of your website and then submit it, you're done.

3. What kind of websites can I submit?

The websites that will be accepted are agencies, portfolio, freelancer, web developer websites and web designers websites. No pornography and illegal or obscene websites like betting websites will be accepted.

4. Do I need to register for the submission of my website?

No, you do not need to sign up for the submission of your website. You can simply submit your website as mentioned above.

5. Do I need to pay to submit my website?

No, you do not have to pay for this service.

6. How to choose a nominee or a winner?

You do not have the privilege to nominate any website, but you do have the privilege to vote websites mentioned under the nominees. Our experts will choose the nominees and on the basis of the voting, the winner will be declared.

7. How can I view or vote a website listed in your nominees?

To view or vote any website mentioned under nominees, you can either view the websites cited in the nominees at the homepage or you can directly go to tab titled as nominees and then you can view the nominated websites. You can easily vote your favourite website among all the nominated websites just by clicking the thumbs up icon.

8. What is advertising?

Web Guru Awards also helps you to advertise your work.

9. How to post an advertisement?

Posting an advertisement is as easy as submitting your website. You need to go down to the footer and you just have to snap the advertising tab and it will redirect you to the advertising page and you just have to fill up the given form.

10. Do you charge for advertisement?

Yes, we do charge for the advertisements.

11. What is the cost of advertisement?

The cost for advertisement depends on where you want your advertisement to get displayed.

- Home Page: Top will cost you $10- Inner Page will cost you $20

Your advertisement will be on displayed for 30 days.

12. What are the available payment options?

You can use PayPal.

13. What does emblazon mean?

If you have won the "Guru of the Day" or "Guru of the Month" or "Guru of the Year" award, have received the certificate and want to share your feeling with us by sharing the photographs at contact@webguruawards.com and we will blazon it on our emblazon section.

14. If I want to write a gratitude for you, how to do it?

You can write a gratitude for us. You need to send your gratitude to us at contact@webguruawards.com and we will display it on the gratitude section.

15. How will I get more "Votes" and "Views" on my submitted website?

To get more "Votes" and "Views" on your submitted website, you need to use the power of social medias, emails and as much as you can share your web guru detail page with your friends, colleagues and people you know.

16. My site has won "Guru Of The Day" entitlement, can it still win "Guru Of The Month" or "Guru Of The Year"? How does this work?

CONGRATULATIONS for winning "Guru Of The Day" award and yes, you are definitely eligible for the journey towards "Guru Of The Month". If you win "Guru Of The Month" awards then only you're eligible to carry on your journey to win the entitlement of "Guru Of The Year".

17. When I try to submit a site and upload the banner and thumbnail, must the files be the exact size at it states, or does it automatically resize it?

The size of banner and thumbnail should be exactly the same as it is mentioned in the submission form. Your banner will only be displayed at the homepage header of our website when you'll be the 'Guru of the Day'. Good Luck!

18. I have submitted my website and it has been more than a week, I am still in the nominee's list. Is my website still in the journey to be the "Guru of The Day"?

Yes, you are still in journey to be the winner.

19. Is there any certificate for Winners?

Yes, there certificate for each title you win.

20. I haven't received my certificate yet? When will i get my certificate?

If you haven't received your certificate within 10 days of your winning, then please drop an email at contact@webguruawards.com.

21. If i receive more like votes, then will i be the winner of all the titles?

Winner will not be decided just on a number of votes they got.
Criteria for winning the title:
Number of votes: 40%
Creativity and innovation on website: 60%

22. For any further query, how can I contact Web Guru Awards?

You can contact Web Guru Awards directly from the Contact Us mentioned in the footer of our website. Drop your message there.


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